It’s a chilly Friday morning on September 25th. Just before the second Covid wave in 2020. Six of us, passionate and driven enthusiasts, meeting at the local coffee shop to discuss resurrecting the UX UI Riga meetup. The same design movement, that since 2015 has ignited reasons for user experience practitioners in Riga to meet each other. However, just like many events that faded out in the dawn of the first Covid wave, it had a similar fate. We were here to fix this. The design community deserved it.

People drinking coffee around the table
People drinking coffee around the table
Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

The humble beginnings

UX UI Riga meetup has been initiated by Rihards Gailums and…

I’ve met user experience designers that are happy doing what they love with a strong sense of mission to change the world. I've also seen many of us going through an existential identity crisis with comparable intensity due to the vagueness of the profession.

Many of us aim at making a large, organizationally strategic impact. However, it hurts to realize the gap between what we want and what is possible. To alleviate that, we either try to bring reality closer to our expectations. Or we adapt our expectations to reality.

One of the most humbling depictions of an individual's contribution…

The world is witnessing a true black swan moment. We are required to keep the physical distance. Remote collaboration. Reduced mobility. The world pauses. The unknowns build up. New opportunities appear. And as we are trying to respond normally to an abnormal situation, written communication perhaps has become more important than ever.

Photo by JJ Shev on Unsplash

Badly written e-mail or instant messages damage communication and as consequences — damage productivity and mental well-being. It triggers anxiety. And anxiety is contagious quickly spreading through organizations.

What’s wrong with communication?

More than seven decades ago Claud Shannon, an author of information theory, gave the world his gift of quantifying communication…

December 9, 1968. Douglas Engelbart demonstrates the first computer mouse along with other elements of modern personal computing. This presentation becomes known as “The Mother of All Demos”.

First publicly demonstrated computer mouse invented by Douglas Engelbart, 1968

Fast forward 43 years to 2011. Touchscreen devices are on a popularity surge. Microsoft has just launched its Productivity Vision. Where the handheld devices resemble the full-view display phones available now in 2020. However, just like nine years back, today the world is still interacting with computers by using just a finger. As Brett Victor highlights in his rant about the future of interaction design, “the vision from an interaction perspective, is…

You’ve perhaps heard the famous fable about a frog being boiled alive. Where the frog reacts to sudden threat (boiling water) by jumping out but doesn’t react if put in tepid water that is brought to a boil slowly. Although this fable has received criticism as being incorrect, it has highlighted a theme of progression for me. Since progress is fundamental to human nature, it’s worth raising awareness of it.

Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

Those who’ve worked as in-house designers, know that progress may come at a slower pace more often than not. I’ve often felt no shortage of moments in my career where…

The IT world has brought us a more flexible and goal-oriented way to manage projects. Since the inception of the Agile Manifesto in 2001, the agile thinking culture has had many repercussions around the corporate world and beyond. The twelve principles behind the Agile Manifesto direct the attention towards what it needs to deliver successful software projects. And for the last 15 years, companies around the globe are trying to bring these principles to life in their cultures. Either through Safe Agile, Large Scale Scrum or other agile organization models. It's also worth mentioning the lean manufacturing philosophy (derived from…

EuroIA 2019 is here and this year’s theme is Impact. We welcome EuroIA to Riga, the capital of Latvia!

Below are some practical tips if you have some extra time to spend in the city.

The Freedom Monument by Priyank P


If you are looking for the fastest and easiest way to get somewhere that's beyond walking, we suggest taking a digital taxi service like Bolt (it's like Uber in Baltics) or Baltic Taxi.

In case you find the tram, trolleybus, bus or other means of public transport in Riga most relevant, visit public transport tips for Riga guests to find out how to pay for…

Jóhann Jóhannsson. Kangaru. Click. Play. Eardrum vibration. Sense of delight. Suspension steadily building up. Thoughts bubbling like a boiling pot. Focus turns to a subset of thoughts. An image of a blurry figure slowly turning into someone a little bit excited, a little bit anxious. Anticipating something. Walking along the coast contemplating decisions having an impact on life. The figure becomes much more detailed. It’s her. The same smart, ambitious person. She’s on the verge of leaving her comfort zone and starting something new. A notification pops up on her phone. She wastes no time and quickly glances at her…

It’s a late spring of 2008. I’m on my way to getting an undergraduate degree in systems analysis, dreaming of career in interaction design, and I’ve just deliberately started a journey towards the peace of mind. I’ve started meditating. The journey that hasn’t stopped for more than a thousand consecutive days till this moment.

The beginnings of this journey was a time of my doubtful mind trying to figure out what to do with my life when my thoughts felt like countless piranhas who were devouring myself from the inside challenging my inner balance without me quite recognising what was…

The introduction of the New Framer promised new conveniences. Several issues that I've been facing in previous versions seemed to have been solved by easier management of the code modules, visual property editor and now —also a more secure prototype sharing.

I couldn’t wait for a suitable moment to properly try out all these new features in real product design context.

Interactive Grid

That moment came as a new opportunity for building a high-fidelity proof of concept for one of our information dashboard projects. Our development team was busy and we in product design team offered a helping hand. …

Raitis Linde

Digital service designer on a mission to spark collaborative creativity. Helping teams shape digital services and internal workflows.

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